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Devilman Vinyl Toy Sofubi Solid Green Figure

/ 6 years ago

I don’t know a whole lot about this Devilman figure. That is why I’m quoting jub*jub directly.

“This auction is for an exclusive solid green variant of the Devilman vinyl toy figure produced for the 40th Anniversary of the 1st appearance of Go Nagai’s “Devilman” character back in 1972 from the Japanese Anime of the same name. The figure itself is about 4″ tall and comes with thin red wings that fit onto a clip on the back of the toy. The Devilman “mask” is also removable, revealing Akira’s face underneath as seen in the last image which is stock. Note that the figure in the auction has never had it’s mask removed as it was originally shipped this way. Also note that the wings themselves are slightly cracked in the center about halfway through as indicated in the 2nd image that show the back of the figure. IMO this was due to the fact that these figures were packaged fully assembled, meaning the wings were attached to the figure. It still displays nicely and as you can see from the pictures it is difficult to see this hairline crack, but it is definitely worth mentioning.

A bit of background on this particular figure, nine toy/clothing labels in Japan had an exclusive colorway (color/opacity variant) of this toy for sale near the end of 2011 to celebrate the anniversary the coming year. The toys were blind bagged (in a generic opaque bag to conceal which variant it was) and bundled along with a t-shirt whose designs were also unique to the particular label. I received this solid green variant when I purchased the “MackDaddy” Devilman shirt designed by Japanese artist Tenga One, which I am selling in a seperate auction. I am the original owner and I purchased this directly from a japan retailer when they were initially released. This variant of the toy was unique to MackDaddy but randomly distributed along with both the painted variants and the more common opaque black variant that were spread across the 9 different labels.

These toys were difficult to acquire to begin with and expensive considering that you were also paying for the shirt and had to factor in overseas shipping along with the currency conversion for the final cost. In addition to that if you wanted a particular version you risked the chance of not getting it since they were blind bagged and randomly bundled. Here’s your chance to pick up just the solid green unpainted vinyl figure by itself, which is great if you weren’t interested in paying more for the t-shirt. Plus you now have the opportunity to purchase the exact version you want considering that these were blind bagged/random, and this particular variant was only available from 1 of the 9 different labels.”



Vintage Secret Wars Figures Mint on Card 1984

/ 9 years ago

I can’t help myself. I love these figures. I tried so hard when I was younger to keep all my figures in good condition. I remember the trading sessions at summer camp to get figures you wanted but could not buy. Mattel you really should consider re-releasing these figures. I would definitely buy these in a second. Take a look at the original price tags. Man you will never see action figures that cheap again.



Secret Base Obake

/ 9 years ago

The term Obake has a few translations. It’s a Japanese word that is often loosely translated as ghost. This term is most prevalent in Hawaii (of all places). It’s mostly due to the large Japanese influence on the island. But in a more general sense, it translates as thing that changes shape with a very ephemeral supernatural feel. Whether it’s a dog, a ghost or some other supernatural shape shifting, this is considered Obake.

Lets see a few examples. This first item is a book from the Hawaiian folklorist Glen Grant. He is well known for documenting ghost sightings and other supernatural activities on the island. This particular item is an autographed copy. Hot.

This is a Secret Base figure. It’s a very literal translation of Obake. This one is an obvious ghost motif. Call me crazy, but these colors are hot. I would gladly put this dude on my desk. Very patriotic looking, if I do say.

Next up is the Secret Base Obake Dog. This is obviously not a ghost, but rather the other translation, “thing that changes shape” to something dog-like. This was a special Toy Tokyo SDCC release back in 2006. I love the colors on the dog head. Great look.

There you have it. If you have any other Obake stories or references, I’d love to hear them. (more…)


Usugrow Rebel Ink

/ 10 years ago

I’ve always like Usugrow’s work. Something about the style reminds me of Lone Wolf meets Mister Cartoon. I like that. A real street feel, you know?

I think what really attracts me to Usugrow’s work is his use of font. Dude has some crazy ill font styles. Now I’m not a font professional, so I’m not sure if he is the originator of all these fonts, but I feel like I’ve only seen these fonts with his work recently. The Rebel Ink dude gets the blessing on his rocker with a little “LOVEHATE.” Soooo good.

The Rebel Ink figure has been out for years in various colors. Keep your eyes peeled for the Secret Base Golden Week Rebel Ink out soon. And if you can’t wait that long, or clear vinyl isn’t your thing (blasphemy!! by the way), then click these pics below and pic up some older figures.

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A Full Set

/ 10 years ago

Instant gratification. GO!

This Secret Base X Super7 collaboration was for long haulers only. Each voodoo damage brain figure was released a month apart. You had to wait 6 months to get them all.


If you waited, and scooped all of them, you got a 7th figure FOR FREE.

I’d throw this guy an offer, he looks like he’s willing to negotiate.

Voodoo Skull Brain
Voodoo Bagman
Voodoo Damage Brain
Voodoo Skullbee
Voodoo Obake
Voodoo Frankenpumpkin
BONUS Voodoo Skull Brain

What? No Voodoo Glow Skull??? Weak.

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Secret Base x Whiz Obake

/ 10 years ago

I like things that Glow In The Dark. GID is cool.

Stack em next to your bed to keep the boogie man away, or just chill in the corner. Whatever floats your boat.

But this Secret Base X Whiz Obake figure takes it to the next step.

Shake it and a built in LED flashes!

Ummm, seems like a little much to me. I dig it, but seems a little overboard.

Am I right, or should I go back to fearing the monsters in my closet?

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