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/ 8 years ago

While some may find his behavior erratic, Charlie Sheen is just portraying another one of his great characters. From Wall Street to Platoon to his current show, Two and a Half Men, Charlie has always given a stellar performance. We now know it’s because of the tiger’s blood that’s pumping through his veins. This toy, in particular, honors the character Chris Taylor and is made to 1/6th the scale of the real Charlie. It features real cloth uniform and highly detailed weapons. Chris not only fought the Vietcong he also fought and killed his superior Sergeant Barnes. I feel Charlie will come out ahead of all this bullshit simply because he is a winner, and time and time again he has proved it to us. If you are interested in being a winner man_of_action_figures_inc is selling this rare figure click on the picture and buy it. Good luck Charlie I’m with you



The Warriors Movie 9″ Action Figures Series 1

/ 8 years ago

So here it is like I promised you on SkateNoize. The Warriors action figures from Mezco. Each figure stands 9″ tall and is meticulously detailed. They come with weapons and 40 points of articulation. These figures are so hard to find I really wish I bought these when they came out. respectablemoderncollectible is being so generous and offering you a case of 10 of these Warriors figures. Each set may include multiple figures so you will be able to sell them.

“Production Run: Limited
Material: Plastic
Production Year: 2008
Packaging: Window Box
The Warriors 9” Series 1 case of 10 may include:

* 3x Swan
* 3x Cyrus
* 2x Ajax
* 2x Yellow Fury

Ajax is cocky, loud-mouthed, and always up for a fight. He comes with handcuffs.

Baseball Fury is a soldier from a bizarre gang whose turf is the Upper West Side of New York City. He includes a baseball bat.

Cyrus is the leader of the Gramercy Riffs, the most powerful gang in New York City.

Swan is the war chief, 2nd-in-command of the Warriors gang. He brings a switchblade and Molotov cocktail to the party.


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