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/ 6 years ago

evilkitttty has another vintage talking doll for sale. This 1989 Freddy Kruger talking doll was made by Matchbox. Yes the same Matchbox that makes the little cars. Back in the 80’s Matchbox also got in on the action figure and Doll market. The Freddy Kruger came out right around the time the T.V.show Freddy’s Nightmares aired. This doll is really hard to find in such great shape. In the late 90’s Spencers would sell an updated version of this doll. The major difference was the lack of a pull string. I’m pretty sure this doll was pulled from stores.




A Nightmare on Ebay St

/ 9 years ago

Its almost Halloween and what better way to celebrate than with Freddy Kruger. I think its awesome that pop culture allows us to celebrate a chard child murderer by creating action figures, posters,costumes,and clothing in his likeness. Freddy has definitely been one the most famous horror movie icons of all time. The recent resurrection of the movie franchise by Michael Bay was not up to par by my standards. Hopefully they will do a sequel and get it right.

funhobby2 is selling the Original talking Doll from Matchbox. That’s the people who make little cars. This doll was released back in the late 80’s. I have one of these along with the replica that was sold at Spencers. Low starting bid go for it.

groglenn has this piece of fine late 90’s craftsmanship by McFarlane Toys. The attention to detail at the time for the Movie Maniacs figures was incredible. Before NECA released their version this was the one everyone wanted. It has motion sensing sound effects. These are long gone from store shelves and the current bid on this is quite low.

kristieinaz has the small version of the Movie Maniacs Freddy at more reasonable starting price. If you can’t afford the one above this may be the way to go. There were two version of these released. One had blood splatter and the other didn’t. Toy stores like Toys R Us did not want to carry the ones with blood.

snakeyip why do you have to tease me with this? I have always wanted to MEDICOM Freddy. It was released in the 90’s, and just like everything MEDICOM does its perfect. They always find a way to make a minimal looking figure so detailed and appealing.