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2Pac Action Figure by All Entertainment (VERY RARE)

/ 7 years ago

I remember when Sam Goody and Suncoast were selling these 2Pac figures. princearies was lucky enough to buy one. The seller has brief description as to why these figures became so rare.

“The 2Pac Series One figure was released in 2001 by the company All Entertainment, and a small number of figures were shipped to record stores across the U.S. However, around a week later all the unsold figures were removed from the shelves and recalled by the manufacturer.

There are two conflicting theories as to why the figures were recalled. Many believe that they were considered too controversial for sale, as the figure had a tattoo featuring a racial slur on its chest.

The other theory is that the licensing for the figures was never approved, and they were manufactured without permission. Shakur’s mother took legal action and filed a lawsuit to have the toys quickly blocked from sale.

Due to its rarity, the 2Pac action figure is highly sought after by collectors.”




/ 8 years ago

FO SHIZZLE MY NIZZLE THIS ACTION FIGURE IS OF THE HIZZLE! tainted_visions is selling an awesome Snoop Dogg action figure that is made by Vital Toys. The figure stands 12″ and is 1/6 scale. Snoop comes with authentic Snoop Dogg clothing and Adidas shoes. He also has a chain and custom scuplted hair. This is a pretty cool figure to pick up, and display with your Ghostface Killah figure.




/ 9 years ago

I’m a big fan of late old school rap/hip-hop. I can’t get with that new shit that’s out there. I remember seeing these figures at Toys R Us I thought it was kind of strange that they had an Ice-T next to the GIJoes. The only figure out these that I don’t agree with is Nelly. That guy sucks he is part of the new wave of garbage Rap. I hope they make a 12″ RUNDMC set, it would pretty awesome. Maybe give them some motion activated sound. Here is a list of other Rappers I would like to see in Plastic form.

2. Wu-tang Clan
3. Biggie
4. Brand Nubian
5. Dre and Snoop (Deep cover video)
6. N.W.A
7. 3rd Bass
9. Onyx
10. Tribe Called Quest
Maybe we can NECA or Mcfarlane Toys on this.