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Rare1989 GI JOE Steel Brigade Mail Away Figure

/ 6 years ago

Hasbro were smart when it came to marketing their toys. They took the mail away concept from cereal companies and changed it. GIJOE’s came with points that could be clipped from the packages and mailed away for exclusive figures or vehicles. ramessesgreat is selling a mint Steel Brigade figure from 1989. The figure comes complete with back pack and an embroidered patch.



SDCC Comic Con 2013 Exclusive Hasbro GI Joe Transformers

/ 7 years ago

lyra has the epic conclusion to the GIJOE Transformers saga. This set includes my personal favorite Transformer, Jetfire. Hasbro has done a great job with reissuing this vintage figures. I am especially thrilled with the packaging which features the classic comic artwork. Don’t sleep on this auction, the seller has started the bid low.



80’S GI Joe Cobra Mumba

/ 8 years ago

I was watching Sports Center today and I saw a Kobe Bryant highlight reel. I began to think to to my self about how Kobe started calling himself the Black Mumba. Don’t you think it’s a little ironic that after he was accused of sexual assault and numerous affairs he would call himself the Black Mumba. Why not just call himself big penis? Nobody compares their basketball skills to that of snake. goldiesoldies has a Mumba too, but it’s not black. But it does come with a box that you can fill with a Mumba.




/ 8 years ago

greenturtlepoopstain is what happens when you eat to much spinach and broccoli rabe. Yes mom always said eat your greens. But she never informed you about your poop turning green when you go to the bathroom. I remember when I was little and saw my green poop for the first time. I thought I was the Incredible Hulk. I always imagined that he crapped green and not brown.

“Up for bid is a lot of 8 GI Joe figures and 2 vehicles from the 1980’s. These are all Dreadnoks, and are in decent, played with condition. Each figure is version one of the character depicted. Some have loose joints and most could use new O-rings. All thumbs are intact. Paint ranges from decent to excellent, so please look at the pictures and ask any questions before you bid. Here’s what’s included;

Thunder Machine, missing one rear tire guard. One foot peg has broken off the side step. Other than that, it’s in fair shape.

Thrasher, driver of the Thunder Machine, figure only.

Dreadnok Cycle, complete in very good condition.

Zartan, with chest plate only.

Zandar, with backpack only.

Zanzibar, figure only.

Monkeywrench, complete with harpoon gun, broken crotch.

Buzzer, figure only.

Road Pig, complete.

Gnawgahyde, missing the bipod and the small knife.”