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GB 2nd Press.

/ 8 years ago

When Super7 first dropped these figures, you know they also dropped our jaws. We’re down for some hardcore vinyl (and more than just records). This particular figure from makeachange88 is the “second press” of the figure. The color actually coincides with the second press of the original EP from the Gorilla Biscuits. The EP was released back in 1988, and the second press was done on yellow vinyl. Much like this figure. Unlike this figure, there were 2000 EPs pressed. I’m sure the pressing for this is much, MUCH less. This one ends tomorrow and is still cheap. Retail was around $55 and it’s sitting under that now so snap it up while you can.


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/ 8 years ago

NYHC Heroes Gorilla Biscuits were lucky enough to be honored in plastic by Super 7. I was not lucky enough to get one of these when they came. aaronf8554 is selling a Super 7 Gorilla Biscuit’s figure. I don’t know much about this figure other than it is the Gorilla from the Gorilla Biscuits 7in cover. It is obiviously a super limited figure and a variant. The figure does not come with a package according to the seller. It was part of a lucky bag pull. I would love to own this figure but the price is to rich for my blood.



Civ Dunny

/ 9 years ago

Last night, I posted the Rinks Dunny from the Kidrobot Tattoo Series back in ’07.

Today, I’m posting the Civ Dunny from that same series.

If you don’t know (and shame on your if you don’t), Civ was the lead singer of a few excellent bands from the mid 80s to the the mid 90s. Gorilla Biscuits is where he got his big start. But there was Moondog, who do one of my favorite tracks ever: Distance. And of course, the Warped Tour banger, CIV. That’s right, the band was named after the dude.

His mom calls him Anthony Civarelli, but we all know him as Civ.

You can currently find him tattooing at your Flaming Lotus in Sayville NY. You could probably get some work from him, but make sure to book in advance, his schedule fills up pretty quickly and months in advance.

Fun fact about this dunny: the left foot has the word “BELLA” written on it. Bella is Civ’s daughter. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, mushy sounds ….