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Aliens VS Predator Collector’s Chess Set

/ 8 years ago

I love a good game of chess especially if the other person really knows how to play the game. stephena17 is selling this awesome extremely limited chess set from the first AVP movie. I was not a huge fan of this franchise, but it did fill the void until Predators was released this past summer. The only thing left  to do now is a good follow up to the terrible Alien Ressurection. The BIN for this item seems a bit high but I don’t know the true value of this set. It is however limited too 3000 pieces and this one is numbered at 1261. Use that to help make your decision.



no fun and games on your corellian freighter?

/ 9 years ago

Got a long trip through hyperspace planned for the family this summer? Need a way to keep the kids busy so you can get a little ‘space head’ in the cockpit? Perhaps you have a budding little jedi in the family that needs some training? Well look no further!

Here we have all the upgrades you could possibly need for your YT-1300 Light Freighter!

first up is a Dejarik, (also known as vrax) table for the lounge of your starship. Dejarik was played on a hologame table, which comprised a hologram generator within a table-sized cylindrical base, with a black-and-white checkerboard pattern on the top surface. When active, holomonsters – full-color, three-dimensional hologram playing pieces measuring between 5-30 cm tall – would be projected on the board. The pieces all resembled creatures, real and mythic, from throughout the galaxy, including the Mantellian Savrip, Grimtaash the Molator, Ghhhk, Houjix, Ng’ok, Kintan Strider, K’lor’slug, and the Monnok. These pieces, when moved by the player, actually acted out the moves as if really specimens of their species. If the pieces were not used for a certain amount of time or the game was abandoned by both players, they would simulate boredom.

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Next up a ‘training force ball’ so that your young Jedi can practice lightsaber battles while your traveling through hyperspace. Blastshield not included!

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