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Medicom 7-11 7-Eleven 400% Be@rbrick Bearbrick

/ 8 years ago

There are Bearbricks in all shapes and sizes. This Bearbrick works at 7-11. I’m wondering if this particular Bearbrick was painted brown on purpose, because of all the Indian people that own 7-11’s. What do you think ronnicshop? I think this maybe true. Of course this might not be true of 7-11’s in other countries, so I could be wrong.



Medicom Levi’s Clique Bearbrick

/ 9 years ago

Just when you thought you had enough of Bearbrick, another limited release arrives to empty your wallets. ronnicshop is selling this Japanese exclusive Bearbrick from Medicom. This was given to customers of the Levis store in Japan. The customer had to purchase 20000 yen worth of merchandise.That comes out to about $242.00 that’s probably 3 pairs of jeans. I have to say this is one of my favorite Bearbricks, its such an original concept. The clothing is incredibly detailed I like it.


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