Devilman Vinyl Toy Sofubi Solid Green Figure

/ 6 years ago

I don’t know a whole lot about this Devilman figure. That is why I’m quoting jub*jub directly.

“This auction is for an exclusive solid green variant of the Devilman vinyl toy figure produced for the 40th Anniversary of the 1st appearance of Go Nagai’s “Devilman” character back in 1972 from the Japanese Anime of the same name. The figure itself is about 4″ tall and comes with thin red wings that fit onto a clip on the back of the toy. The Devilman “mask” is also removable, revealing Akira’s face underneath as seen in the last image which is stock. Note that the figure in the auction has never had it’s mask removed as it was originally shipped this way. Also note that the wings themselves are slightly cracked in the center about halfway through as indicated in the 2nd image that show the back of the figure. IMO this was due to the fact that these figures were packaged fully assembled, meaning the wings were attached to the figure. It still displays nicely and as you can see from the pictures it is difficult to see this hairline crack, but it is definitely worth mentioning.

A bit of background on this particular figure, nine toy/clothing labels in Japan had an exclusive colorway (color/opacity variant) of this toy for sale near the end of 2011 to celebrate the anniversary the coming year. The toys were blind bagged (in a generic opaque bag to conceal which variant it was) and bundled along with a t-shirt whose designs were also unique to the particular label. I received this solid green variant when I purchased the “MackDaddy” Devilman shirt designed by Japanese artist Tenga One, which I am selling in a seperate auction. I am the original owner and I purchased this directly from a japan retailer when they were initially released. This variant of the toy was unique to MackDaddy but randomly distributed along with both the painted variants and the more common opaque black variant that were spread across the 9 different labels.

These toys were difficult to acquire to begin with and expensive considering that you were also paying for the shirt and had to factor in overseas shipping along with the currency conversion for the final cost. In addition to that if you wanted a particular version you risked the chance of not getting it since they were blind bagged and randomly bundled. Here’s your chance to pick up just the solid green unpainted vinyl figure by itself, which is great if you weren’t interested in paying more for the t-shirt. Plus you now have the opportunity to purchase the exact version you want considering that these were blind bagged/random, and this particular variant was only available from 1 of the 9 different labels.”

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