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Welcome to the 3rd edition of TMNT WTF, where I post some silly-as-fuck oddities in the TMNT toyline from the 80’s and early 90’s. We saw farmer-Turtles, we had Pizzaface the crazy one-legged pizza chef, and here we have Halfcourt, the basketball playing giraffe!

What does a giraffe or basketball have to do with TMNT? At least the pizza-chef, was a pizza chef and the Turtles love pizza…do they also like b-ball? I can’t remember. Well Halfcourt comes with what looks like a metal basketball and a bunch of other junk, I can’t tell what all of his accesories are, one looks like a gun of some sort, or is it a basketball pump? Is it both? Is that a manhole cover? I don’t know, but he sure is wacky. I like how he is wearing a torn basket for a necklace though. Oh, wait I see, he probably needs the pump/gun because….he is hustlin’ b-ball like Wesley and Woody and well, sometimes you gotta break out your gat on the court, right? Especially in a world full of mutants! Yeah…

coltscomics seems to have the cheapest MOC Halfcourt on ebay right now, but he is also taking offers. There are loose ones but you need his freakin’ bio-card!

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