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acline206 is selling a Vintage Devilman Figure from Marmit. This is one of the coolest figures I’ve seen. I find it funny that Devilman toys are much cooler than the Anime itself. The box reflects the 70’s artwork of Mazinger Z, I wander if there was a crossover between the two series. I would guess this figure is at least 13″.


  • eric says:


    How are you?

    Do you have any Marmit Shape Of Dreams Super Robots in 16″ Inch sizes made of Plastic/Vinyl, Chinese recent reissue plastic Toy Robots ?

    Such as various Different Getters, various Different Mazingers, Grendizer, Poseidon, Combatra, Gloizer, Ligar, and Jeeg robot in All Three Variations of Colors, the Standard Yellow & Blue, the All White, & the All Black Color.

    & any other same Marmit Toys, as many more were made, all are recent chinese made reissues & all are in the Very Same Exact Colorful Boxes with a clear open front window.

    Called the Super Robots, each is identified as Model Number SR1 – SR15, and a few more others are made as different models in different color variations.

    Exactly Same as I recently Won on Ebay, Item Number# 110671727115
    Which is New Mint Boxed.
    (so you can see exactly what i am looking for)

    Also I am looking for The Vintage 1980’s little 6″ Inch Jeeg Magnetic Takara Robot, with all Interchageble Magnetic Parts.

    Thank You So Much,

  • jnaidoo says:

    Just click on the picture it will take you to Ebay. Nothing on this site is for sale. We review products on Ebay. Thanks for checking us out.

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