Lili Ledy – Tusken Raider

/ 7 years ago

Lili Ledy was one of the top enterprises in Mexico on the 70s and early 80s; it also was the exclusive importer of Kenner products. Nevertheless, none of the first Star Wars action figures made it to Mexico. Only after the success of the action figure line in the United States and the movies themselves was that Lili Ledy decided to import some figures from Spain. Those are the rarest Lili Ledy figures since the distribution was scarce, even some people related with Lili Ledy refer to them as a market test.

This is undoubtedly the most infamous of the Lili Ledy 12″ figures, which were available only in Mexico in what were probably very small quantities right from the start. To date, very few boxed Tusken Raider dolls have been found. The extreme scarcity, combined with the fact that the Tusken Raider was absent from Kenner’s 12″ line, makes this one an eagerly sought-after item. As with the rest of these dolls, the quality is incredibly low.

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