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/ 7 years ago

I’m a big fan of almost all of Terry Moores work, but Strangers in Paradise is by far my favorite and I was really bummed out when it ended. I remember I worked at the Newbury Comics warehouse and saw the cover for volume 3 issue #17 and was drawn to the artwork. I picked it up cause I liked the style, but also cause the girls on the cover were hot. I bought it having no idea that it was a super drama about girls that are lesbians, but dont say they are and girls that wont admit they are and girls that dont want to be… etc! After issue #17 I was hooked and got all the back issues/collecteds.

This auction is for a set of Strangers in Paradise mini bust statues. I have these and they are really well done. I believe they were limited to 2500 of each and are numbered on the bottom. You get Francine and Katchoo for one low price that I think its lower than the original retail for just one of them!

Under that is a picture of my Strangers in Paradise tattoo. Its the cover art from volume 2 issue # 12 and was done by Glenn Dummer when he was working at Bulldog Tattoo in Pawtucket, RI.

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click to view on ebay


  • Summer says:

    where is Glenn Dummer now? 01/12/11

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