Usugrow Rebel Ink

/ 7 years ago

I’ve always like Usugrow’s work. Something about the style reminds me of Lone Wolf meets Mister Cartoon. I like that. A real street feel, you know?

I think what really attracts me to Usugrow’s work is his use of font. Dude has some crazy ill font styles. Now I’m not a font professional, so I’m not sure if he is the originator of all these fonts, but I feel like I’ve only seen these fonts with his work recently. The Rebel Ink dude gets the blessing on his rocker with a little “LOVEHATE.” Soooo good.

The Rebel Ink figure has been out for years in various colors. Keep your eyes peeled for the Secret Base Golden Week Rebel Ink out soon. And if you can’t wait that long, or clear vinyl isn’t your thing (blasphemy!! by the way), then click these pics below and pic up some older figures.

click to view on ebay

click to view on ebay

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