The Terror Drome

/ 8 years ago

As a boy, we would go over to my mom’s house every other weekend. My parents divorced when I was mad young, so that’s just how my life was growing up. Every other weekend, every other holiday, two weeks in the summer.

The two weeks in the summer was usually the best. For a while, my mom lived with my stepfather in Jacksonville, FL. We’d go down and hit up the beach in their subaru brat. And we’d occasionally get some ill toy.

One year, my brother and I got the GI Joe Terror Drome. Holy shit, this was the motherload of cool toys. It had the ill elevator that could shoot The Firebat out, tons of cool turrets and the ill jail. We spent years of life playing with this toy. Seriously. Lots.

Then we got older, and sold it at a yard sale with the rest of our Joes (those are worthy of a later separate post).

For $20.


Check out a couple of these current auctions. And GO JOE!

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This one is more yellowed but still has an ill Buy It Now.

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And for all those ballers, how about a dead stock in box Terror Drome? Get out your wallet and hope it’s fat.

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  • Tim says:

    Did you just learn the word ‘ill’?

  • Murphy says:

    My vcb is ltd to thr ltr wds

  • Murphy says:

    Wow. After re-reading my post, it’s abundantly clear that I need a full time editor. Yikes.

    100 apologies, folks.

  • willthethrill says:

    wow its funny because i bought this at a yard sell in jacksonville , fl and i wonder if it was yours …..i also bought a crap load of joe’s at that same yard sell …

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